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Advertising in this new era has taken different forms to access audience more easily and convey the required message. Today most companies and enterprises prefer mobile marketing/advertising over other promotional events. Mobile marketing/advertising is the method in which marketing is done via mobile phones and networks. Its marketing in moving fashion and this can be done to most numbers or users without any problems in comparison to other kind of marketing.

With increasing popularity of SMS (Short Message Service) since 2000 in Europe and other developed countries like North America; marketing and advertisement for a new medium to convey the message to a particular audience has improved a lot. The companies or advertisers collect the information or mobile numbers from various sources both legally and illegally and send or forward unwanted contents as messages to the mobile users. But here we are legal company to use this medium of advertisement and can help you convey your message to maximum number of people without any hassle or other problems.

Over the years the SMS has gained a legitimate source of advertisement and this advertising channel has been approved by various governments in the world. This is so because online email marketing over public internet the carries or service providers who allow such advertisements on their network allow the advertisers or companies to carry such promotions with set rules and guidelines. The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and the Mobile Marketing Association have set up guidelines and are monitoring the mobile channel networks over the marketing and advertising issues. This company follows every such marketing and advertisement guidelines for better benefits of our clients.

We offer excellent service to our clients regarding SMS or Mobile marketing. Besides the SMS marketing we also specialize in MMS messaging and we have a niche of customers and their numbers to whom this marketing would be carried out for better benefits. With MMS slowly gaining popularity MMS mobile marketing/advertising too is gaining importance. We create MMS advertisements through timed slideshow images, texts, video and audio files.

We are here to do mobile marketing/advertising for all sorts of products and services. We also emphasize on mobile products and accessories or mobile needs like games, movies, songs, new albums and others.

One can imagine the strength of mobile marketing when the data collected has shown that more than 100 million advertising SMS are sent out every month in Europe alone on different services and products.

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