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Web analytics refers to the study of online behavior to improve the website and other Internet marketing or business. There are basically two types of web analytics. One is called the on site web analytics and the other is called the off site analytics. This is one of the measures to find out the condition of your website and also to improve its ranking and overall position. Without web analytics it is not possible to access the real stats of your site.

1SEO is the right place to for web analytics analysis work. We have an experience of conducting web analytics for our clients and have ample knowledge on both types of web analytics. Let us first see what each analytics is all about.

Off-site web analytics is the method of web analysis and measurement irrespective of whether you maintain or own a website. The off site is much concerned with potential customers of the site and the opportunity of such audience volume to increase position of your site, the visibility or share of voice of site, the comments or buzz of site that is happening in the whole world of Internet.

On the other hand on-site web analytics include the measurement of the visitor’s journey when he or she is in your site. This may include one’s drivers or conversions. The main purpose of on-site web analytics is to measure the actual performance of your website in perspective of commercial importance.

The data collected by on-site web analytics is used to compare the key performance indicators with the performance of other websites. In this way the condition and performance of the site is evaluated, corrected and improved. The improvements are done to increase audience response.

Measuring or web analytics is not an easy task for an end user who owns a website. It requires special skill and techniques to identify the loopholes in the site and also to correct them. There are software to do that but they too are complicated in functioning.

Our website is the right place to conduct web analytics of your website and blogs. We use the latest software and calculations required to get the correct web analytics and tell you exactly the right status of your site. You can avail the services of many vendors and companies who would help you to buy the software or in analysis of your website, but won't give you results like us.

We expertise in web analytics and can help you measure performance of your website and give you tips to improve them. There are basically two techniques to carry on analysis- one if called the Logfile Analysis and the other is called the Page Tagging. We use our custom made softwares for both techniques. By taking our professional SEO Analytics services then we are committed to give you extremely better analysis which is really required to improve your website.

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